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Mortgage Broking in Real Terms for Real People

Banks do the bare minimum. We do everything above it.

We're fintcap, and we're here to break the brokerage system.
The future of lending for young professionals.


Let's give lending a reality check

How can a system with so many rules make borrowers feel like they’re making it up as they go along? Because it was designed that way. 


The biggest disservice of Financial Services is that it is built on borrowing. Getting money can be easy, but managing it once you have it? That’s what some in the biz would call a ‘you’ problem. 


Not at fintcap.

We base our own services on a principle the others don’t: reality.


Reality checks have a bad rap, but with a down-to-earth finance team at your side, you can truly shoot for the moon.

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Turns out real finance for real people is a niche.

We listen to your real dreams and goals, then make a real plan to reach them based on how the financial system actually works.


Why go for broke when you can break down your goals into actionable steps that save you from (very real) debt?


Whether you’re building, buying, get-rich-or-die-trying, we customise our system to keep you on track. That means if when your goals change, our plans change with you

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Our practical, step-by-step planning tracks with your actual life.


1. You tell us what you want. We compare what you want ($$$) to what you’ve got ($ + ¢).

2. We create an action plan to get what you want without going broke.

3. We show you how to measure your spending, saving to steer you clear of debt.

4. We stay with you for the whole ride, and will be there to pop the first bottle of champagne when you make your dreams a reality.  

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