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Printer? Never heard of her.


We’re ditching dated forms and files for a real-time view of your finances, delivered courtesy of Australia’s leading tech and service providers.


Just flip open your laptop for a comprehensive look at your financial reality, including budget, goals and net worth, plus Quarterly Updates for all Fintcap clients on

Property Markets, Financial Markets as well as Banking and Lending impacts

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Our Financial Intelligence Platform brings to life your financial situation and well help you make more informed decisions. We believe that meaningful insights help with not just future planning, but can help you maximise your performance immediately.

Our platform includes:


Wealth Tracking

​Money on your mind? Track your Net Worth in real-time, including all your assets, liabilities, property, shares, Super and bank accounts. Everything but the spare change between your sofa cushions.

Budgeting & Cash Flow

​Any service that says they’ve fully automated finances is flat-out lying and  fails to capture the nuance of your financial reality. However, our customisable features automate more of your transactions than ever while keeping your personal finances, well, personal

Real-Time Data

Time = Money, so it’s a good thing you’re rolling in real-time data covering your cash, credit loans, shares, Super, properties, liabilities and assets


Spending, budgeting, taxes and P&Ls: you pick what you want us to recap and how often

Goal Tracking

Set short and long-term goals and get fintcap frameworks to push your progress.

Your finance journey shouldn't end after your loan has been settled. We'll help you stay on track and give you greater insights into your world.

You can subscribe directly to our finance tracking software directly by clicking below. We will then reach out to help you get set up.

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