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There is a big difference between complexity and detail. We take away the complexity, but keep all the detail you need to make informed decisions.


We have a thorough and in-depth process to help you understand your objectives, learn about your options and we then build a framework to keep you on track.

End to End Guide

Everyone's journey is a little bit different - but the core principal and process are the same.


A 15-minute call where we tell you about us, and you tell us about you. No commitments yet—just checking to see if we’re a good fit.

Your Story

This is where we take a super in-depth look at the ins and outs of your finances and goals. If it feels a bit full-on, it’s because we’re trying to get the fullest picture possible so we don’t send you down the wrong path

Your Options

Your Options

We'll cover all the financial side that everyone just assumes you know, but no one takes the time to actually explain.

We'll cover

- Why are loans set up the way they are?

- What's the difference between a fixed and variable rate?

- What are packages facilities?

And pretty much everything in between.

Once you're smart on the system, a few clear options will stand out and we can start plugging in options to your financial picture.

Your Path

You decide which path to pursue and which lender or provider you trust to fuel your tank.


It’s a long haul from here, but you’ve got us riding shotgun to help smooth out the bumps in the post-getting-finance road. (Because as a wise philosopher once said: Mo money, Mo problems.)  


Not ready yet? That’s totally fine. Let’s take a lap to sort your finances and get you closer to financing your goals.

Your Approval

Generally this part can happen in a few phases  - but in short if you're wanting to buy a property we will help you get 'Pre-Approved' so you can confidently get to work on finding that place.

If we're helping you refinance or restructure, we'll walk you through the approval process for the switch.

If you're completing some business lending, we will work through what terms you'll be look at.

The Preparation (Pre-Settlement Checks)

We help you get the right bank accounts set up, contracts signed, coordinate with Agents & Solicitors. Finance fundamentals: a lot more fun when you have a team.


At settlement, money will change hands with with a Vendor or another Lender. We will help manage the process before and on the day to ensure settlement goes through smoothly.

Having all those extra 000s at the end of your balance might be overwhelming, but we’ll keep it real in our Finance Portal. Check for automatic reports, set rules to track your transactions, and load your assets and liabilities. It’s super customisable since no two plans are the same.

The Review (Post-Settlement Checks)

In a perfect world, there wouldn't be much to do here, but it's important things are double checked and triple checked.. 

These are things like making sure loans are structure the way they should be, checking rates are correct, and repayments are set up.

We will also check to make sure the new Loan Accounts are showing in your Finance Portal.

30 Day Check In

By now the other brokers have left the building. But not us. We’re making sure everything is right and running, getting you chipping away on repayments, and sharing (literally) everything there is to know about your money in the Finance Portal

90 Day Check In

Us again. We’re here to have another peep at your budget and set up and make any adjustments required

6 Month Full

Finance Review

Let’s take a big picture look at how you’re tracking and shake things up. Maybe it’s getting a better rate or a shift in your savings strategy. We’re still focused on your long-term goals.


Rinse and repeat this step every six months for as long as you need it.

Your journey may not follow this guide exactly, and nor should it have to, because you've got your own goals and timeline you're working on.

But whatever you're working towards, we're keen to help you get started.

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