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We’re here to fix what’s broken about brokerages.


(Spoiler: most of it.)


Traditional broking is very transactional. You can come in, ask for an amount that sounds ridiculous coming out of your mouth, and you just might get it. End of story.


For them, but not you.


Where Fintcap is different is we take a human interest in your finances. We’re on your side of the story, one where seeking finance is just the start.


First, we school you on the fundamentals so you know exactly what to get and how to get it. From there, we build a framework to manage all those extra 00s in your bank account, because they look a whole lot better without a red – in front of them.


And if when your dreams change, we can change your plan with them. Once you’ve got your strategy down, you can win no matter the game

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